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Back in 1907, the first plastic was made from phenol and formaldehyde. Since then, we have seen plastics take over every aspect of our lives. 

A study by the University of Georgia and the University of California found that annual global production of plastics increased from 2 million metric tonnes in 1950 to over 400 million metric tonnes in 2015. 

This study [which, let us remind you, was less than three years ago] estimated about 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastics has been produced between early 1950's to 2015. Of which, they estimated, 6.3 billion tonnes of that had already become waste.

To put that into perspective - that's 80 million blue whales.

... pardon? 

From the cheap plastic buckets to the plastic bags that our bread and fresh fruit or veggies come in, we have become lazy and reliant on this human invention. 

Our culture of convenience and complacency has allowed this stuff to fill our trash cans and leach from our land into our oceans.  Want to understand more? Watch A Plastic Ocean to see for yourself.

Professor Richard Thompson, a global expert on Ocean Plastics explains “We are in a growing culture of throw-away living.

There is an urgent need to recognise that 
there is no such place as ‘away’.” 
Professor Richard Thompson

And while we may have been brought up to believe the Recycling Bin was doing it's bit in reducing the waste being sent to landfill, in reality we need to do more by using less.

There is a reason Recycle is the last of the R's and we seem to be forgetting about the first 'R'; Reduce. We are at a breaking point where Reusing and Recycling are no longer enough.

We need to reduce. Reduce our reliance on these materials, reduce our need for pre-packaged-everything and reduce our want for convenience over consciousness.


Reduce. Reduce. Reduce.

From knowing comes caring, from caring come.

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