An Interview with Brittanie Dreghorn; the Founder of Britt's List

Grab yourself a cuppa and join us on our virtual sofa as we chat to founder of Britt's List, Brittanie Dreghorn. 

Let’s kick things off by sharing with everyone what Britt’s List is all about and why you started?

Britt’s List is an online fashion publication dedicated to telling the stories behind Australian and New Zealand fashion brands that lead their industry in environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people and animals. 

I started it at the end of 2017 and have been growing the content with brand reviews, articles and tips to help conscious consumers navigate the confusing world of sustainable fashion. The site now gets over 25,000 visitors every month from around Australia! 

Since starting, what have you seen positively change throughout the fashion industry? 

It’s been less than three years but there has been a big shift in consumers’ awareness of issues that surround the fashion industry and their desire to purchase more ethically made products. There are also a lot more brands catering for this demand, but I note that shoppers should be skeptical when seeing these messages of sustainability. Brands have definitely cottoned on to the marketing benefits of promoting ethically made goods so backing up these statements with actual commitments and transparency is a must. I’ve written more about this here.

Did you always have a plan to create and communicate your platform, or was it something more organic? 

Not really. I always wanted to do something, but I wasn’t sure how I would create something different rather than just adding to the noise. I thought promoting the brands that were doing good would be a good first step, and using that as a vehicle to raise awareness of some of the issues in the fashion industry. 

I have had other blogs before but none that I was as committed to as Britt’s List. I can’t remember the exact timeline but I know that I started the site around the same time as I saw the documentary RiverBlue. I just remember thinking “I have to do something about this.” 

 If you could pick one brand to wear for the rest of the year, what and who would it be? 

If I had to pick one brand it would most likely be Kuwaii. I love the brand’s values (ethically made in Australia, natural fabrics) and I love all of their collections. They stick to block colours and unique prints which is right up my alley, and the majority of their clothes are work appropriate. 

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has been quoted as saying “You say you love your children above all else and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes”. What would your advice be for our generation to take action on and one small change we can all make in order to help our future generations? 

I think that this generation is much more aware of our impact on the planet than the generations that have come before us. I also think our children will be even more woke than we are. There’s so many issues and while we can do our bit by reducing our impact on the planet by changing consumption habits, the big companies and governments have most of the power. That said, if we all make changes, it will add up to a lot. We need to change the way consume most things. We need to eat less meat (try meat free Mondays as an intro), avoid single use plastics, stop buying fast fashion, and change our transport habits too. That’s probably a good start. 

If you were to describe your personality through an item of clothing, what would you be?

A Citizen Wolf tailored tee – my white, boat neck, three-quarter sleeve tailored tee to be specific. I think it’s a good reflection of my personality because while it looks like just any other t-shirt (that happens to fit amazingly btw), but it’s actually very complex in the way that it’s tailored to me and the things that have gone into it. I also see myself as a citizen of the world, so I identify with the brand right down to its name.

 You can meet Brittanie over at Britt's List, at one of her speaking events, or make a trip to Brisbane for one of her incredible Sustainable Fashion Walking Tours.

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