We are so bloody excited to be doing a blog post in collaboration with Khory Hancock a.k.a. Environmental Cowboy.

If you're reading his name and cocking your head to the side like a confused dog, then become acquainted with this 'makes an akubra hat look chic A.F-legend' below.

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Ok. All crushing aside, let's get into the blog. 

The below is Khory's take and advice on Fashion and dating. This comes straight from his wisdom and experience, to you. So without further ado, grab a notepad and pen for notes and dive right in.

How to Rock Sustainable Fashion on a First Date  

Ok, ahem…yes, I am well aware that I am a male attempting to give fashion advice. What’s more, I am originally a country boy from a cattle station deep into the heart of western Queensland. I grew up riding horses rather than spending my time studying fashion on the Victoria Secret runway. Now you may think this is an odd choice of character to write an article giving fashion advice for a first date HOWEVER let me assure you…

You are probably right.

Do not be alarmed! I also became an Environmental Scientist, it’s what I do as a career.

Please don't picture a crazy scientist in goggles with grey frizzled hair making something explode in the lab. Imagine a Greek God or something, standing there all majestic and shit, with an open chemistry book. I need the credibility to swing back my way again, pretty sure that image will do the trick.

Obviously, the world isn’t being sustainable, and we are consuming and using products at a rate that our natural resources aren’t capable of keeping up with. For example, in a film called ‘The True Cost’ it states that we now buy 400% more clothes than we did two decades ago, which is 8 billion new clothes produced every year and 2,700 litres of water used per shirt. While this isn’t a blog about that and how bad all of this is for the environment, it is a blog about how we can make more environmentally friendly choices in what we wear, while still being incredibly suave, charming and sophisticated.

This may come as a surprise as well, but a lot of people ask me for fashion advice. Yeah, it’s true. I would just like you to know (so I can gain some credibility here as I feel I might have lost some early on) that I rock the footy shorts and Jackie Howe singlet every day, rain hail or shine. Oh, and the double pluggers too (because single thongs are hopeless). I brought class to that look. Yep. Hard to believe I know, but I did. My Mum told me so. Some may disagree with my fashion sense, but alas, as they say, it is truly hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turtles.

" I believe in humanity. I believe if we choose love over fear, then we will beat everything that knocks us down and together we can all be part of the solution. It’s only when we choose to do nothing, that we sacrifice everything."

It’s lucky Ahimsa Collective contacted me for some expert environmental fashion advice and of course I am happy to give it for the greater good. It’s a real wonder why I am still single to be honest, you know with my gift of good dress sense and all. My point here, is that if I can turn footy shorts and a singlet with a cowboy hat into a brand image (called The Environmental Cowboy, go figure) and give it sex appeal and class (don’t debate that, just roll with it), I am pretty sure we can all make sustainable fashion sexy AF.

So, here are 10 tips on how to be more environmentally friendly using good fashion sense at the same time.

Trust me, I’m a scientist. I ran some hectic tests to prove each one these 10 theories, and honestly the formulas I used would have had even Einstein confused.

  1. Buy a pair of thongs instead of 5000 pairs of shoes. Thongs go with everything. Write that down.
  2. Go to a second-hand clothes store and buy an old school leather jacket and flare jeans for $6. Not only are you reusing, but you are rocking the 70’s look and bringing sexy back.  
  3. Dress up as Captain Planet or one of his trusty planeteers and tell your date ‘you’re their hero because you’re taking their pollution to zero’ (that includes removing any clothes they’re wearing that aren’t sustainable).
  4. Talk about how your clothes and accessories are made from pineapple farm waste products (like Ahimsa Collective) to save the orangutans in Indonesia and that ‘you buy them because you deeply care for these beautiful animals and it touches your heart, in the same way you are now touching mine’. Works a treat, every time. Yup, good times.
  5. Buy a ring or pendant that supports turtle rehabilitation or helps fund ocean plastic clean up days. Oh, make sure it’s a big ring too, because let’s not kid ourselves here, we all know that size matters. Whether you’re a male or female, this is making a statement.
  6. Wear something green to support environmental awareness (green footy shorts for the lads and ummm...green singlet for the ladies) and say 'green’s the new black baby’. Oooo yeah…that’s a mic drop moment right there.
  7. Try an environmentally friendly pick up line – ‘The clothes I wear are like my personality; recyclable. So, I’ll see you next week for a second date.’ Note the absence of a question mark here, make sure it’s a statement and not a question. Don’t leave room for choice, it can potentially backfire.
  8. Wear suitable clothing for getting to and from the date because of course he/she will pick you up on a double seater push bike to save on harmful greenhouse emissions (this is where the footy shorts come in handy). God I’m a romantic.
  9. Make statements like ‘Yeah I’m good friends with Emma Watson and as she’s a big-time celebrity and advocate for sustainable fashion, I help her out a bit by doing some modelling for her clothes. Did I mention we’re tight? She’s on my speed dial actually.’ Name dropping always a guarantee.
  10. Make sure you get your shirts especially designed with catchy environmental printed like ‘Keep the planet clean, it’s not Uranus’ and ‘Save energy…how would you like it if someone turned you on and left you there’. Saved the best till last. Note: knees will go weak once these sayings are read, so ensure you are there to catch them before they fall over from lust.

If you use all 10 of these tips at appropriate times, you are not only helping push the world to become more sustainable, but you will absolutely nail the first date, every time. And if all else fails (which it won’t, trust me, I’m a scientist), at least you helped to save the world, one flip flop and environmental pick up line at a time.

10 tips approved and verified for sustainability by Khory Hancock, Australian Environmental Scientist and also known as The Environmental Cowboy.



We hope that brightened your day and of course, gave you some new and fantastic tips.

If it made you literally laugh out loud as much as it did us, then leave a comment below. Say G'day to Khory, ask questions or let us know some other great tips we can all add to this list.

Don't forget to share this on as well. After all, the impact of the fashion industry on the worlds waste is a serious topic, but that doesn't mean we can't all have some fun while fixing it. 

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