One of Ahimsa Collective's core values from the beginning has always been to support those who help the world around us and more specifically, those locally here in Australia.

That's why from every purchase, we donate $5 to an incredible organisation, doing great things.

Currently our donations are going to Ghostnets Australia.

We caught up [over this funny new-aged technology called the internet] with Sue Ryan, the Art Director of Ghost Net Art Project to see where our (your) contributions go, and what this means for the world around us. 


In July 2018, the Ghost Net Art Project headed towards Yalata. An Aboriginal community located 200kms West of Ceduna on the Great Australian Bight, in beautiful South Australia.

Funded by Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resource Management, Department of Environment and Water and Ceduna Arts, the team arrived in Yalata with a trailer full of old fishing nets, rope and other washed up materials they had collected and pulled from our Australian coastlines.

In addition, the Yalata Youth Group also collected marine debris as a part of this study into marine debris, which included materials from the popular and well known coastal town of Port Lincoln.

The end result of this workshop were two spectacular sculptures. Obviously, the debris that is found determines what the sculptures and final art pieces will be. The result = a Killer Whale and the Harlequin Fish.

Two weeks after the workshop, the sculptures were driven back to Ceduna Arts and suspended in the local studio space where Ceduna artists added the final touches.

It's because of the donations that Ghostnets recieve, that they can not only help support these remote communities but also play an incredibly big and vital part of cleaning up our beaches and oceans. 

These two art pieces specifically have attracted attention from galleries in Europe and Sydney offering to exhibit them, and the team at the AC office can't wait to give them a visit.




So what's next?

Ahimsa Collective’s contributions (which are all thanks to our beautiful customers - i.e. you) will assist the Ghost Net Art Project to run an outreach program on the Atherton Tablelands .

The aim of this program is to identify local artists and craftspeople interested in being involved in the creation of new collaborative works. The works will focus on exploring the potential of land debris and plastics from farming and other waste materials gathered locally. Thus, bringing land and sea together and helping to educate everyone a little more. 

Because; we can all learn a thing or two on how to treat this planet a little nicer.

Throughout the fashion industry, brands such as First Base, All Sisters, Salt Gypsy and Team Timbuktu are using materials such as fishing nets and recycled plastics and nylon. 

Likewise, here at Ahimsa Collective, the linings of all of our products use recycled water bottle water. 

It's through the efforts, actions and ongoing education of the world around us which will result in a change. From our actions and shared learning's in our every day lives to industry leaders paving the way for change.


If you would like to donate to Ghostnets Australia, or read more about their ongoing projects, you can visit them at  

Credits: Ceduna Arts Centre and Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resource Management (AWNRM). Dept. of Environment and Water for funding the Yalata workshop and the Yalata Community for their in-kind support and as host of the the workshop.

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