How to help the Australian Bushfires

How to help the Australian Bushfires

From the Founders - Tessa and Susie

Over here at Ahimsa HQ, we have been a bit silent. We haven't known what to say or what to share about what is happening in this beautiful country, Australia. 

We live across two states, Tessa is in Victoria and Susie is in New South Wales. Both states have been impacted by the bushfires.

People are reaching out to both of us asking how they can help, who they can donate to, what are the next steps. 

So we have compiled a list below of what you can do.

And if you live in Melbourne and are free on Sunday 2nd Feb, 2020, from 6-8pm come meet us for an event to meet our incredible community and leave feeling inspired about what we can do collectively to make big changes. 

How to help wildlife

Reports are estimating that half a billion mammals, birds and reptiles have lost their lives from the fires, potentially including 30% of the koala population.

To support our fury friends and their recovery, look to the below nonprofits:


General recovery efforts

These charities are on the ground and aiding with recovery and evacuation of homes and national parks

Other organisations providing aid include:

Helping victims of the fires to recover

Blazeaid are providing support to victims throughout the region

A volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia. Working alongside the rural families, their volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed


Foodbank is working to get food and drink supplies to affected areas, both to support first responders such as firefighters and affected communities (follow Foodbank's Facebook page for updates on where bushfire aid is going, and to see any callouts for specific donations or volunteer help). 

Spend money in the bush

Help rural communities to deal with disaster and get back on their feet by spending some money in bushfire-affected areas

@spendwiththem is a new Instagram account launched by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride to feature business in fire-affected areas. 

Turia says "This is a way to put money directly in the pockets of the people and communities who need it the most, and need it NOW. Long after the threat is over and the choppers stop flying overhead. Long after summer ends and the wail of sirens ceases in the streets. Help them rebuild. Make them feel heard. Spend with them."

So far, the account has featured businesses selling everything from clothing to wine and coffee.

Check out Tegan Weber’s #GoWithEmptyEskys campaign 

Small efforts add up to a big difference

There are so many inspiring fundraising events happening throughout the country.

To check out what’s happening in your area, search #bushfireappeal or #bushfirefundraiser on social media or check your local council’s website and social media channels.

Ahimsa Collective Event

We are working on a special fundraising event to be held in Richmond, Melbourne on Sunday 2nd February from 6pm.

We will be collaborating with other like-minded businesses and individuals to create a special evening of collaboration and inspiration and would love you to be there.

Get your TICKETS for the event (or simply donate to WIRES) here

Keep an eye across our socials @ahimsacollective and Facebook and signup to our emails for more info. 

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