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We want to talk about Plastic Free July, the AC way...

We get it. Talking trash can be BOR-ING. We know. We talk trash all the time. But talking trash is the only way for our friends and family to pick up what we're putting down (which is not litter, obviously). 

So we thought we'd share with you some of our chic (and trendy AF) ways you can lead a plastic-free life also. It's not that hard to change your ways, hell if it were we probably wouldn't be ranting about it the way we do.

Starting with our top three ways to avoid those pesky single use plastics:

  1. Say yes to a reusable tote/shopping bag, and no to the plastic bags. A stylish shopper looks way better than a daggy grey plastic bag.
  2. Avoid those $2 plastic water bottles, and grab a reuseable water bottle that you love. Pop it in your bag and stay hydrated all day. 
  3. We don't care for your Instagram posts of coffee takeaway cups. We've seen it before - black plastic lid + brown cup = bore. Grab a fun and unique Keep Cup and then get snapping.

Beyond these, what else can we recommend to help reduce your plastic waste contributions? Well, here are a few suggestions:

Straws - Don't be a sucker. Since when did we forget how to drink from a bottle or glass and need a straw? We stopped sucking on a drinking aid at the same time we stopped needing a toilet-training aid.

Tea - Buy loose leaf tea and be well-fancy with your teapot and adorable teacup and saucers. Many tea bags actually use and contain plastic within the wrappings. Either within the materials themselves or through the production process to heat and seal the tea bag. 

Supermarket sneaky secrets - Do you really need to wrap those two single apples in a plastic bag? Weren't you just going to wash them when you got home anyway? Whether you reuse the bags at home or not, eventually that plastic will get old and you'll throw it away and we're back at square one. We're all about reducing our waste, so if you really need to place those non-restricted-just-out-for-a-good-time items in a bag, then grab a brown paper mushroom bag. We know. We just blew your minds right! 

Clothing - Pay attention to what your clothes are made from - you may be surprised to learn that Polyester is actually a form of plastic. You are what you wear, right?

Bulk food - Opt for bulk food options rather than packaged. The Source Bulk Foods make that Insta-worthy pantry as easy as 1-2-3

  1. BYO jars or grab some in-store
  2. Load up on all the goodies your pantry needs
  3. Sticky a pretty label onto your jar and voila


Whats next...? 

And now that you have some ideas on how to reduce your plastic waste, head on over to Plastic Free July and challenge yourself, your family and your friends. 

Also be sure to keep your eyes on our blog and socials. Throughout the month we'll be teaming up with some pretty awesome Aussies to chat all things plastic free in their worlds

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