While we're busy little worker bees at the AC head quarters, we always find time to sit down and be inspired by those around us.

One of our go-to places for this inspiration is of course; TED Talks.

We'll be sharing more of these along the way but to kick things off, we wanted to throwback to a few older talks which still remain in our top bookmarks list, today.

If you have a favourite or two, we'd love for you to share them in the comments below, for us to check out. 

Real style lives at the centre of design and individuality.

While the stats in this one are US and Canadian based, it certainly highlights some scary numbers. At AC head quarters, these smack-you-in-the-face figures continue to drive us. Daily. 

In Amit Kalra's TED Talk, he really breaks down the industry and how exactly we can reduce water waste, chemical impacts and the number of garments that fill our earth byway of waste.

Kalra's creative ways to approach the fashion industries waste problems, really stop and make you think. Make you think about how little you consider the reactions to your actions. 

Every time you place an item in the trash or even the recycling for that matter, do you consider where it will actually end up? Do you stop and check the tag and story of a product or do you still shop based on price and aesthetics alone? Do you save water by taking shorter showers but not know how much water it takes to produce a single pair of jeans? 

Watch Amit Kalra's 3 Creative Ways to Fix Fashion's Waste.


Perhaps we are ready for something, literally and figuratively, more cultured.



We have to admit, this one both shook our socks off and also excited the crap out of us, when we first saw it. Andras Forgacs puts to us [consumers] a world that continues to use leather, but without the harm to any animal. 

We'll give you a moment to recollect and re-read what we just said there.

Forgacs proposes and has actually produced a leather material, produced from the cells of an animal while not causing any harm to it. At Ahimsa Collective, a core value and meaning behind our name is 'no harm' so you can see why this ones in our top TED Talk list.

Watch Andras Forgacs talk about his world of leather and meat without killing any animals.


When you get cheap, you genuinely get bad quality.


Founder of Redress, Christina Dean, explains perfectly the power we, as consumers, have on our future and the future of the fashion industry. 

It's not only up to the brands, designers or suppliers to make a change but up to us as well. Up to us to tell them when they've gone too far with their cheap fast-fashion production lines. Up to us to tell them the environmental impacts are soon becoming irreversible. Up to us to make the change. Because as Dean says "we [consumers] have more power than the industry to change the impact of our clothes".

Watch Christina Dean's TED Talk; You are What You Wear


The hardest button to button


This one is a quick and fun tribute to the dear button, that made us smile - and also taught us a couple of things. 

Most importantly we learned that purposeful fashion and innovation sticks around for the long haul. If the button isn't one of the best spokes...buttons for slow-fashion, then we don't know what is. 

Watch Issac Mizrahi's - How the Button Changed Fashion video.

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