Textile Waste in the Fashion Industry

Textile Waste in the Fashion Industry

Let’s Talk Trash.

There are lots of stats flying around right now, making us aware on the true cost of fashion and the impact on the planet.

Did you know that globally, the fashion industry produces more than 100 billion garments every year? And from this production, comes mass waste and pollution in every element of the Supply Chain.

This pollution comes from a multitude of factors; pesticides in our cotton crops, polluted water from dyes hitting our waterways and textile waste filling our beautiful lands. In fact, the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, some say it is second only to Oil and Gas.

So, let's talk trash about ‘Fashion Waste’ and let you in on some little known scary facts:

  • It is estimated that textile waste will increase by about 60% between 2015 and 2030. That means an additional new 57 million tonnes of waste every year.
  • The fashion industry processes nearly 20% of global water waste.
  • In Hong Kong, 253 tonnes of textiles are sent straight to landfill every.single.day.
  • And how about here on our homeland? Well, in Australia 6,000kg of clothing is sent to landfill every 10 minutes.


Land. Fill.

The words on their own seem insignificant, but when split into two parts and sitting next to one another, the impact is undeniable - literally Filling the Land.

In 2018 when we started this brand, our intention was to take ‘Waste’ (instead of the Earth's finite resources) and prove that we could turn Waste into Wear. We have been incredibly proud to work with a repurposing warehouse right here in Australia, where we could pick up beautiful pre-loved materials (from top Australian fashion houses) that have been discarded and destined for landfill.

We intercepted these fabrics and have produced a limited edition range that we like to call our very own ‘Trash Bags’.

See our latest collection here


HalfMoon Mini in Maroon and Beige Deadstock RRP $149.00


So what can we do?

Our Top Tips

1. Shop with brands you know and trust. If you don't have the time to do your research, jump on platforms who do the work for you like Nash+Banks or Well Made Clothes (handy hint, we're stocked on both).

2. If you're a brand-snob - try Facebook Marketplace for secondhand 'It' styles. Not only are you buying 'Designer' for cheap, you're avoiding the One-Time-Wear syndrome for Special Occasions.

3. Shop in Op shops, thrift stores and charity shops. You can pick up the most incredible nearly new, brand new and vintage pieces. 

 4. If you want to buy new, purchase from brands who are utilising materials that already exist on this planet, by way of recycling & upcycling.

5. Attend clothes swap events, or host your own event with friends. Tell someone to bring the champers and snacks, put on Fleetwood Mac, and find your new favourite item. 


NB: We are all about conscious consumerism and buying less to wear for longer. But we are also super supportive of the brands who are doing the 'right' thing in the Fashion Space by designing their way into a better future.

So, instead of telling you to 'buy none' - perhaps you can 'buy some' of the right stuff and put a hard NO on buying the wrong stuff. 

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