We Bare All for WaterLess Denim - Levis x A_C Official

As you'd know, we make it our business to know about the impact of Fashion on the Planet and do our damndest to ensure it is kept to a minimum in all the products we create.


What does Water<Less Denim mean?

Did you know, a whopping 10,000 litres of fresh water is required to make one pair of jeans according to the United Nations. We bet if you picked apart your wardrobe you'd find at least five pairs of jeans in there. Thats 50,000 litres of water just for your peach. 

So when Levis® handed over the holy-grail of Canadian Tuxedos and told us about their Water<Less Denim, you know we did our research before slipping off our smalls and baring all to the world.

Levis x A_C Official

What we learned from these Sustainable pioneers is just how much water goes into a regular pair of jeans and just how much is saved through using their Water<Less techniques.

You can read about their vision and techniques here.

We were so impressed, we pinched the jacket too.



Talent: Jae Lin
Photography: Jon Pisani
Styling: Levis
Intern: Tabby Diamond 

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