We sit down and take five with change makers Amanda and Charlotte to discuss the breakthrough they had and waves they are making within the hairdressing industry.


1. Who is Bob and why did you start a Sustainable Salon? 

Bob is the creation of Charlotte and I (Amanda), born off the back of being frustrated with an industry that remains predominately unaccountable for the waste it produces. We found the way we lived in our personal lives was contradicted by working in an environment where no f!*k's were given for all of the chemicals and foil being thrown into landfill and down our drains. We wanted to either get out of the hairdressing industry or change it.

2. Your salon seems to encapsulate exactly what an Ahimsa girl is looking for in a business. Natural, Ethical, Environmentally Friendly Practises and a chic AF Salon. Tell us about yourselves and why you believe the industry needs to make changes.

Unfortunately in this industry people are more concerned with appearance than their environmental footprint, honestly, it's SO easy to have sustainable practices in place and natural hair colour performs equally as well as the toxic stuff!

Australia alone puts 1.5 million kilograms of foil into landfill a year and only 1% of salons recycle their foil. This stat doesn't even touch the sides of how much waste and chemicals are being wasted and created. 

Salon owners need to start being accountable and educate their staff. Larger corporate companies who are responsible for a large portion of the problem need to move in a more sustainable manner, so that we can heavily reduce the impact this is going to have on the planet.


3. It takes an open mind, free-thinking and a lot of courage to change this world, what was the biggest challenge you faced in launching a Sustainable Salon?

The hardest challenge has probably been aligning ourselves with companies that are truly ethical and sustainable in all facets. Many companies use marketing and clever branding to tap into this market. We are constantly trying to find better, greener products that don't compromise on effectiveness but are authentic. Sometimes trying to make a stand and be different is a bit scary. Finding staff that also align with our values is so important to us and we've always known that will be our biggest challenge but your 'vibe attracting your tribe' is proving to be very true!


4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to live a greener life but still wants to be Trendy AF?

Less is more!! I can not say this enough to people. We over consume, over buy, over complicate. Look at what you're purchasing and make it last.

Give up the take-out coffee cup. I know everyone bangs on about this, but there is a reason why. Buy yourself a cool AF keep cup and use it. If you forget, take 5 and sit, sip and enjoy the people-watching at the cafe.

And lastly, just being really conscious of each purchase you make and every single thing you bring into your life. Ask yourself where the product came from, is it quality, and do you really need it? You'll be surprised how fast your mindset changes. 

Live in Melbourne, or visiting soon? Make sure you book yourself in over at Bob Melbourne.

Or simply check them out here @bob.melbourne.

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