Prue Rocchi founder of ROCC Naturals - In My Handbag Series

Before we deep dive, let's paint the picture. Who are you and how did you get here?

Prue Rocchi - Co-Founder of ROCC Naturals. After 10 years in the health & sport marketing space, it was time I created something of my own. A company that truely aligned with my values, and gave me the flexibility to write my own schedule, as I moved into my new role as a first time Mum.

We're very value-aligned (otherwise you wouldn't be here!) but what are you doing to change the world and why?

The oral care industry is centred on cleaning, but has a dirty reputation environmentally.

We're here to prove that clean teeth come with a clean conscious. With our innovative packaging we can ensure each tube won't live in landfill for hundreds of years, or turn into micro plastics. 

In your line of work, what are some of the challenges you face and what is your strategy/coping method to tackle them? Insert One Red Hot Resilience Tip.

There is only two of us at ROCC, and I'm the only one working full time.

That means I wear all the hats - logistics, product development, content creation, sales etc. I am honest with myself where my weakness and strengths lie in the business. I now outsource the parts of the business that I identify as a weakness.

For example, I no longer waste time doing book keeping or accounting tasks. This gives me time to dedicate to the areas I do excel in, which benefits the business. It's about owning your imperfections and delegating them.

We like to think we're pretty DTE, what is the one DTE thing you'd say about yourself? (Get your head out of the gutter - we mean Down To Earth). i.e how do you stay grounded/real.

Tough question! I think my down to earth trait, which shines through in ROCC, is authenticity. We're transparent about our materials, ingredients and manufacturing because we've dedicated so much time to getting this right. What we say, is what you get. No marketing BS here.

The internet rules the World these days, we can't live with it and we can't live without it. What is your relationship with Media (both digital and social) like and how do you manage it? Be honest.

It's a love hate relationship. I love how I can be instantly connected to news, opinion articles, deep insightful podcasts at the click of my fingers. Social media I find very addictive, without the positive influence of say podcasts or news articles. I often delete social media apps, or turn off notifications when I feel they are getting too much airtime in my day.


There is so much going on at the moment, and sometimes nothing at all. What has the last two years taught you and what are some of the tools you have built to get through it?

The last two years have been the wildest ride of all - I became a first time mum, a first time business owner (starting ROCC), and have lived through my first global pandemic. To get through it, I've really relied on two things: 1) An exercise routine - even if it's just a walk a day, this keeps me sane. 2) Friends and family - I've leant on them when I've been overwhelmed. This has included a few tears on the phone!

Time travel isn't an option (yet) but if you could go back and whisper sweet-nothings to your younger self - what would they be?

Be patient. All things that are great take time.

We love connecting with other inspiring people/businesses - who would you like to see answer these questions?

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