By way of introduction, many of the colleagues and confidantes we share at A_C were born in the Yoga Studio. Our co-founders met on the mat, one founder mat her match on the mat and in just the same way - this force to be reckoned with was a teacher long before she was a dear friend. 
Wallis is insightful, wise and as much a teacher as she is a learner. She is an inspiring person for the depths she embodies her practise both in yoga and in life and in this instance - in times of trials and tribulations - she has opened this space in the online realm, delivering inclusive and welcoming yoga into the homes of many who need to release difficult energy during the last two years of challenge.

We're working on some collaborations with Forme Yoga and we look forward to sharing their offerings with you. For now, read on to learn how Wallis Murphy-Munn tackles life through self taught resilience measures and daily practise.

Before we deep dive, let's paint the picture. Who are you and how did you get here?

I am an actor, yoga and meditation teacher, and business owner, currently working on my covid baby business, FORME Yoga - a virtual wellness studio, an inclusive and accessible space providing high quality mindful movement and meditation classes delivered 24/7 online.

Where I started…From the moment I could speak I was an actor, reciting nursery rhymes on repeat much to the annoyance of my parents. I always knew where I was going and what I wanted, and at 17 I was accepted into a prestigious drama school in Dublin, where I spent 8 years.

As I’m sure you know Acting is not a stable career, in fact at any one time world wide 98% of actors are out of work. So since then I have moved though many industries, events management, professional luxury yachting and yoga teaching to name a few.

I have another business called Massoga® massage yoga, which I will will be resurrect after covid. Ultimately I’m passionate about connecting with and supporting people and I’m excited to run my own business, creating the freedom to continue to be creative.

We're very value-aligned (otherwise you wouldn't be here!) but what are you doing to change the world and why? 

I'm inviting people to discover their true nature, to live compassionately and consciously. I hope I'm helping people to connect with the deepest parts of themselves in a relatable tangible way - through movement and meditation. My agenda - that we learn to look after each other and the planet better.


In your line of work, what are some of the challenges you face and what is your strategy/coping method to tackle them? Insert One Red Hot Resilience Tip.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher I am required to hold space for my students and clients and sometimes it can feel like a heavy load. Through my own personal practice I have found ways to manage my own physical and emotional energy, allowing me to continue to be there for students wholeheartedly. Without my own practices I don't think I'd still be teaching.
My One Red Hot Resilience tip is a meditation. Do it daily. You will show up for yourself and those in your life more wholeheartedly, and experiences will be more fulfilling. Start with 1 minute and build from there. Commit to it, no excuses, and watch your life change.

We like to think we're pretty DTE, what is the one DTE thing you'd say about yourself? (Get your head out of the gutter - we mean Down To Earth). i.e how do you stay grounded/real.

Hands down my sisters and my brother, and my beautiful friends. I'm a dreamer and can be a bit airy at times. My siblings remind me I'm an annoying older sister, and in the kindest way, a flawed human. And my friends, some of whom I have known for 30+ years, teach me where the ground is and demonstrate what's really important in this life - Connection and Love.

The internet rules the World these days, we can't live with it and we can't live without it. What is your relationship with Media (both digital and social) like and how do you manage it? Be honest.

I enjoy creating content and building digital strategy, this often inspires me creatively, so its enjoyable. However my relationship status with socials is "complicated", we are definitely on again off again, hehe. Sometimes I love socials and sometimes I don't, and yet I value the power of social media and the way it allows us to connect, never more obvious than through the pandemic. But socials are very needy and require a lot of energy and time. I know my time is better spent in other parts of the business, so as soon as the business can afford it, I will outsource to a professional. Know anyone? ;-)

There is so much going on at the moment, and sometimes nothing at all. What has the last two years taught you and what are some of the tools you have built to get through it? 

This time has allowed me to consolidate and prioritise, to get serious about what I really want, and to move more effortlessly in that direction. It has solidified my daily practices and given me permission to take the time that I otherwise never felt I could have. It has clarified (and cleansed) relationships. It has allowed me to let go of the things that I don't truely desire with more ease. It has taught me to stop saying Yes to it all, and to embrace the power of a gentle but firm No, thank you. As much as I'm ready to experience life free from pandemic again, I am deeply grateful for the last two years.

Time travel isn't an option (yet) but if you could go back and whisper sweet-nothings to your younger self - what would they be?

I'd tell myself to grow bigger cahoonas, and keep moving in the direction of my truest desire in life. I'd teach myself the power of that gentle but firm "no thanks." I'd encourage myself to trust that what is meant for me will not pass me by. And I'd tell myself to not be afraid to ask for what I really want in relationship.

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