When we step outside of the digital space, we love chatting to people in-real-life and seeing their reactions when they experience Piñatex [our pineapple leaf material] for the first time, when they find out something new about us, or realising how 'just like them' we are.

So, here we go.

    1. We are one of a few Australian Companies to use Piñatex
      While many companies internationally have been playing around with Pinatex for some years now, it hasn't been on our pineapple-rich island [Australia] for as long. While we weren't the first to use Pinatex in Australia, we are one of few remaining owned and operated Australian companies still using it, and currently, the only one throughout the Australian accessories and handbag world using is. 

    2. We Donate $5 from every Purchase to Australian Charities
      When AC started, it was important that we helped support others through our profits. Currently, we donate $5 from every purchase to Intrepid Foundation, funding the build of a Seaforrest of the coast of Tasmania. Acting as a carbon-sequestration field, we invest our profits into this project to actively combat Climate Change, one seaweed tree at a time.
    3. Ahimsa is a word in Sanskrit
      Meaning 'no suffering', Ahimsa is a word which suited our business and ethos and personal values perfectly. Not only does it apply to the materials and products we choose to use [whereby do no harm to animals or negatively impact the environment through the production process] but we also apply this to our internal and external production processes. The people we work with are considered one of us, so we treat them as such. 

    4. Our Packaging is From 100% Recycled Materials
      Not 95%, not 99.99%, but 100% Recycled Materials. From the beautiful tissue paper lined and wrapped around each product to the boxes and external biodegradable plastic mailers. They all come from existing materials and resources on this planet. We don't see the need to mass produce and create more waste.

    5. We are PETA Certified
      Being vegan ourselves, it was important to us that we reached out to the globally recognised PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. While we could [literally] talk your ears off about our company and products, we thought it was best to let the global Animal-rights voice help share our story.

    6. We Work With Australia's First Fully Carbon Neutral Service
      If you have ever received an item from us then you may have noticed that it was hand-delivered. When all the i's were being dotted and t's crossed, we knew that we couldn't let all the hard work we had put into our 100% Recycled packaging materials and products simply be sent out with an irresponsible courier. 
      That's when we found Sendle. Australia's first full-carbon neutral service and certified B Corporation.

    7. We offer a Recycling Program
      If your product no longer serves your needs or fits in with your lifestyle, we offer a recycling option. It’s important to us that we offer consumers a closed loop system. We also want to take responsibility for the end of life of the products we are creating. At the end of the item's life, owners of an AC piece can simply send it back and we will recycle all elements, ensuring nothing ends up in landfill. In addition, we gift a lovely 30% off the next purchase for an item that suits your new lifestyle and needs.

    8. We Host Events
      Across Australia and alongside some incredible people doing great things in their own spaces, we host documentary screenings and events. These documentaries aren't your everyday David Attenborough [although we are lovers of the dude]. They are based on topics relevant to our industry and ones that truly shock us. They are films that inspire change in us and we want to share that with you - so you always remember our Why. 

    9. We aren't your typical 'Fashion designers'
      While many perceive members of the Fashion Industry to be akin to characters in The Devil Wears Prada, we don't necessarily fit the mould. We are crazy about Yoga and Surfing, we love a good opshop session and we make time for Volunteer work where we can. We are activists in the Environmental space and try to live a Plastic Free life where possible.

    10. We Launched March 2018
      Mid 2017, we penned the first contract of our company on a scrap of paper, forming A_C Official. Fast forward eight months and we were nervously standing in front of a crowd of friends and related industry members, introducing AC to the world.