We are looking for an enthusiastic‭, ‬motivated and bubbly team member to join A_C in the Content and Marketing department for a 3‭ ‬Month Placement‭ (‬April-June‭, ‬2021‭).‬



•‭ ‬Assist Creative Director with Content Marketing and Communication to enable the growth of Social Media‭, ‬eNewsletter and SEO

Under the guidance of the CD‭, ‬your role will be finding our voice on a new platform‭ (‬TikTok‭), ‬building content plans for a fortnightly Blog‭ (‬SEO‭)  ‬and sharing content ideas and videography ideas for our Instagram account‭.‬


•‭ ‬Analyse the latest trends in the market and how we as a brand can be involved with the application without subscribing to fast‭ ‬fashion‭, ‬short-lived moments‭. ‬

Your input and creative flare will be required when we are working on the upcoming Collection IV‭. ‬This will be in both Product Conceptualisation as well as being responsible for supplying moodboards and ideas for photography and videography Campaign/s in preparation for the launch‭.‬



Being a like minded and diligent worker‭, ‬you will learn and then excel in communicating our Sustainable Values whilst maintaining our Fashion-first aesthetic‭. ‬You will share the same vision for a kinder planet‭, ‬ethical lifestyle and a greener future whilst‭ ‬also having a love affair with the RTW and Haute Couture of the world‭.‬

You can spot a trend from a mile away and while you opt for timeless classics‭, ‬you know how to put your own spin on it‭.‬

HOURS REQUIRED‭: ‬3-5‭ ‬Hours‭ / ‬6-10‭ ‬hours Fortnightly for 3‭ ‬Months only‭.‬

** Must have a good understanding of Adobe Creative Suite.

To find out more or to apply, email info@ac-official.com.

APPLICATIONS CLOSED. Thank you to all for your submissions.