It's like that feeling you get in summer when you're sitting in the sun, eyes closed, and the smell of freshly washed linen passes through the air. 

A memory you can't place but one you know is full of love and happiness and makes you smile in that exact moment.

That's KindShine.

It's to help lift each other up, connect and to create memories that we hope you all cherish for many happy summers to come. 

Welcome to KindShine

The card you have been given and the coffee/tea/wine you have been bought is because the person who gifted you this thinks you're, well, shining bliss. And we hope that you can find someone who you think shines bliss as well, to continue this little gesture of love. 

Because; we can all be kinder to one another. 

This little card not only offers a total stranger the chance to feel great and connected with, but its part of something much bigger.

KindShine's aim is to bring together like-minded people to connect [whether that be online or in person], chat and support one another in whatever form we all need. 

Whether you are a student, business owner, trying to find your souls jam or anything in-between, we want to create a community where we can all talk. Help support one another and of course, all talk a little trash along the way [read: actual rubbish trash].

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Who is Ahimsa Collective

We are Ahimsa Collective. We are a trio of sassy humans living in different corners of Australia who came together over the need for change. 

Our products are made from would-be waste and we carry that no-waste ethos all the way through to how we work as individuals day-to-day; our connections and actions. 

because we aim to cause no harm to the planet or it's inhabitants.

because this isn't a movement exclusive to us.

While we could talk about why we are doing this all day, we'll stop here, and if you want to know more - read About Us here.

So why all the fuss?

We decided to create KindShine as a way to reach out and connect with everyone out there. In a world where we view others lives through their highlights reel, we wanted to break through that and connect on a real level. 

We don't care about numbers of followers or what brands you wear, we want to connect with you.

Lets build a network of kind-shiners.