Meet the designer

From learning to sew before she could ride a bike, to driving much-needed change within the Global Fashion Industry, Tessa's life has always been in Design. Before Tessa was designing millions of handbags, she was buying them - which has everything to do with her 'Ah Ha' moment.

"It is just as much the responsibility of the
Designer to produce goods that are kind to our planet and its inhabitants, as it is the customer’s duty to consider their consumption choices."

- Tessa Carroll, Founder and Creative Director.

Despite growing up in an environmentally-aware household, Carroll chose to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry, one of the most wasteful industries in the world.
A_C is the product of her frustration, unable to enjoy the design process once the reality of its impact was uncovered.

A_C was started with a shared vision by a team of free-thinkers who believed they could do things differently.


Because we intend to cause no harm.
We apply this word to the treatment of the planet, people and the animals. Through out the life and production of our wares, there is to be no suffering in any capacity.


Because this isn't a movement exclusive to us. It requires a major shift in human behaviour in the way we produce and the way we consume.