Why Pre-Order?

In 2018, Richemont (owner of Cartier and Piaget) destroyed $563 Million worth of watches.

In 2017, Burberry burned $36.8 million worth of handbags and apparel.

Since 2013, H&M have burned 60 tonnes of clothing and footwear.

A_C operates a Pre-order program in an effort to reduce the absurd amount of waste that other less responsible Fashion brands produce and destroy each year.

While not making anything at all is the best solution to end waste and environmental damage, we enjoy creating beautifully-made handbags and accessories that spark a sense of pride within our community. We offer the Pre-order Program to avoid over-ordering and ensure we are producing in the most responsible manner possible.


Because we intend to cause no harm.
We apply this word to the treatment of the planet, people and the animals. Through out the life and production of our wares, there is to be no suffering in any capacity.


Because this isn't a movement exclusive to us. It requires a major shift in human behaviour in the way we produce and the way we consume.