How to care for your A_C item

Due to the array of different Sustainable and Cruelty-free Non Leather products we offer, you will find the Product Care instructions within each of your purchases. Please hold on to these instructions for reference but a good rule of thumb is to gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Please email us at info@ac-official if you require a refresher on your particular item's care instructions.

Innovative Materials

In order to bring new innovative materials to the market, we are learning about their upkeep just as you are (don't worry, we tested their durability before we commit to Production). However, as with all things you own - product upkeep, care and repair will prolong the life of the item so it does not need replacing. To find out more about our Repairs and Replacement Programmes, please click through to our Circular Economy page.

Some tips and tricks:

Our hand-selected materials are very unique and as such, wear this way. As you wear, your bag will too - creating your own unique accessory.

As we use natural products, it is also best to keep your bag away from perfumes, body oils, make up, alcohol, abrasive surfaces and prolonged periods of direct sunlight.


Our Piñatex products may experience some fibre release over time. To combat this, we suggest using a non-toxic colour-matched boot polish and sealing with PawPaw cream. A lick of this and some gentle loving will restore the colour in no time, leaving it as fresh as the day it arrived.

Washable Paper:

Yes, this means Waterproof but that doesn't mean we'd recommend you go swimming with it. Washable Paper, like a leather replacement, gets better with age - softening and moulding with use. If you find any tears (not attributed to general wear-and-tear) you are welcome to get in touch with us at If, over time, you need repairs on your A_C item, please contact us at

Cactus Leather:

Like leather, this plant-based textile gets better as you wear it! Waterproof - yes (but again - no swimming!) you may wipe your items gently with a damp soapy cloth.

Please note: if your item arrives damaged, please contact us immediately on