Recycling Programme

What happens when an AC product reaches it's end of life?

Ahimsa Collective Recycling Programme.

It’s important to us at Ahimsa Collective, that we offer consumers a closed loop system. We want to take responsibility for the end of life of the products we are creating and putting out into the world. 

At AC we follow and encourage our customers to live by the 4 R's.

  1. Reduce - only buy what you need and buy from sustainable brands
  2. Reuse - use your AC handbag over and over and over again. We all want low cost-per-wear, right?
  3. Repair - a seam come loose? a broken zip? a stain from 'that' crazy party? We know that wear and tear is normal in the life of any product, so we wanted to create Australia's first Handbag Spa, to offer a place for handbags to be sent to be pampered and given a new lease of life
  4. Recycle - we understand that sometimes products no longer serve our customer's needs or fits in with their lifestyle, so we offer a recycling programme.
At the end of the item's life, any owner of an AC piece (even if you didn't buy direct from our site) can simply ship it back to our Head Office and we will recycle all elements, ensuring nothing ends up in landfill.
In addition, you will get 30% off the next purchase to say thank you for caring about Mother Nature and supporting Ahimsa Collective. 

Just email: for more info