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Finally, clever people in clever places have answered our prayers and developed a way to make new materials out of old materials.

Pinatex® is a natural and sustainable non-woven textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves, essentially a bi-product of the pineapple farming industry. 

The pineapple leaves are stripped into fine fibres through a process called decortication. These fibres are converted into a 'mesh' like material and are then put through an extensive manufacturing process.

Voilà - Piñatex is made.

As pineapple leaves are a waste product of an existing worldwide industry, no additional land, water, fertilisers or pesticides are needed; as such, the production of the leaves has virtually no environmental impact.

In fact, the production of Piñatex has quite the positive environmental impact as 'biomass' is produced in the decortication process. This 'bio-mass' can then be converted into organic fertiliser or biogas and sold. Therefore, both the extraction of the fibres and the production of biomass can provide additional revenue streams to pineapple farming communities. This material really does just keep on giving!

Piñatex offers a viable sustainable alternative to leather, as it is strong, durable, flexible, light and breathable, not to mention the added benefits of animal and human welfare. Bringing it right back to our Ahimsa ethos.

In the leather industry, toxic chemicals are used in the tanning process, which has a terrible impact on both workers' health and the Earth when the products end up in Landfill. Piñatex uses no harmful chemicals in its production - a big thumbs up for animals, humans and the environment.

While Piñatex substrate is made of natural fibres and polylactic acid fibres (PLA) which is 100% biodegradable, the resins used for the coating are currently not biodegradable. We are however excited to know that Ananas Anam is working on a bio-based coating which will take Piñatex to the forefront of sustainability.

Ethical, social and environmental responsibility are upheld at every stage of production, and the development of this innovative material is creating a safe industry for farmers in pineapple growing countries. Ahimsa Collective couldn’t be prouder to be supporting such a new ethical and sustainable player in the textile game.

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With a vision to utilise would-be waste, all AC handbags contain recycled-polyester both in the internals of the bag providing structure and in the lining itself.
AC has partnered with a reputable Australian Textile Developer to create a Neoprene like material that is strong enough to withstand daily rummages yet has a luxuriously soft handfeel.
Termed ‘Ecoprene’, this material is made up of recycled carpets, pre-consumer off cuts and post-consumer textile waste. It is supported with GRS Certifications.


Our washable paper is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The scope of this certification covers the first stage of the production chain which is the extraction of the raw material.

The main criteria and the reason we choose to work with our partner is that the FSC includes aspects such as:

    • Protection against illegal use and construction in forest areas
    • Ensuring the right to use the forest resources of indigenous peoples and local communities
    • Protecting the wellbeing and safety of forest workers
    • The protection of rare and endangered animals and their habitat
    • Limitation of the use of chemical plant protection products (especially pesticides), fertilisers and biological control
    • Strict monitoring and monitoring of the use of alien species
    • Maintenance or improvement of the condition of forests of high conservation value
    • A ban on new plantations at the expense of natural and semi-natural forests

Our Washable Paper is produced in Europe. The manufacturer we choose to work with is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, which is a symbol of the guarantee of textiles tested for harmful substances. This guarantee is published by an independent research institute OEKO-TEX® holding professional laboratories around the world, which carry out detailed studies of textiles. All OEKO-TEX® institutes are the same throughout the world and uphold the same level of high-quality expectations.

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The intention of everything we do is to ensure we place no extra demand on the planet's limited resources, and as such, this ethos starts from the very sourcing of materials. We use a number of different materials in addition to the Pinatex, which come from the fashion and other industries waste. This means materials like off-cuts from high-end fashion houses, or wrong orders of colour, type or length.

We work with an Australian company who intercept these discarded materials and we reuse this deadstock in our bags. 

While we long to see the day where there is no more Deadstock, we know there is still a lot out there, begging for a little love and a whole new lease of life.


We follow our no-waste ethos all the way through to delivery of your new items, and the packaging they are packed and arrive in.

The boxes we use for all of our items are 100% Recycled, Australian Made cardboard and are printed using soy-based inks. Which means no nasty toxins in our waterways through the printing process.

It was important to us that our packaging and boxes were aesthetically pleasing, had longevity and acted as a safe place for your AC items or other bits-and-bobs, as well as being environmentally friendly. 

These boxes are then placed into our custom branded Ahimsa Collective ‘plastic’ mailer. 'Plastic' meaning that it isn't really plastic. Our mailers are in fact biodegradable and will break down in your compost.

Our products are delicately gift wrapped in delicate NoIssue tissue paper. It is acid-free and FSC certified and the ink is soy-based. For every tissue paper order we place, our partner plants trees in areas of need. 

Our internal cards are made from 100% recycled paper.